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 Vermont's HIV Needs Assessments

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Needs Assessments are a primary piece of the big picture.


A needs assessment is a process for determining the needs of a given population, by identifying any gaps between current circumstances and desired outcomes.  Needs assessments can be carried out for a wide variety of purposes and populations. 

HIV Care & Prevention Needs Assessments examine the services available to People Living with Diagnosed HIV Infection and to populations living at higher risk of infection, in a specific geographic area and talk to People Living with Diagnosed HIV Infection about their experiences of these services. People among populations at higher risk for infection and providers of services are also interviewed individually and in focus groups.


HIV needs assessments are part of the Integrated HIV Prevention & Care Plan that states submit to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the Healthcare Resources & Services Administration every five years.  The needs assessment portion of the state plan is called the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need.

Ideally, needs assessments for HIV care and prevention services are to be completed every five years, to inform the writing of five-year Integrated Plan that outlines a state's plans and goals for addressing HIV.  Vermont was due to conduct its last needs assessment in 2020, and was preparing to do so in 2019.  The onset of the COVID-19 epidemic delayed the process, and restricted the reach of the needs assessment that year. An assessment focused specifically on Care Services was conducted in 2021 with the full report issues in February of 2022. 


Further information about the impact of COVID-19 and how the needs assessment worked with the restrictions is available in the 2021/2022 Needs Assessment report.

As restrictions ease, additional assessments are underway. Currently, HIV Community Planning is conducting a Needs Assessment among People Who Use Injection Drugs and wider communities at risk about Syringe Services Programs.

2015/2016: SECTION ONE
2015/2016: SECTION TWO
2015/2016: SECTION THREE
2015/2016: SECTION FOUR
2015/2016: SECTION FIVE
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The Needs Assessment published in 2015 was the result of a comprehensive 18-month research effort including interviews, focus groups and surveys with PLWDHI, individuals at higher risk of infection, and service providers.


The 2021 Needs Assessment is focused on Care Services, due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic. Research methods included surveys distributed to People Living with Diagnosed HIV Infection (PLWDHI) throughout the state.

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